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Sunday School 2011

January to July 2011

Between January and July 2011, Sunday school were learning about Christian’s around the world. This topic was inspired by last year’s visit from members of our partner church in Kalasapadu. It also gave us a fantastic opportunity to hear about the experiences of members of our congregation who had lived or spent time in other countries. Babs told us about life in a convent school in Karachi,. Alison recounted her 3 month visit to Peru, Rev Joy Carter taught us about Cypriot churches and Magda talked to us about Polish churches. We saw lots of photos and tasted food, as well as thinking about the differences and similarities between the churches. We were reminded that all Christians around the world believe in the love of Jesus and God, have some form of communion and read the Bible.

We have also written letters to the children of Kalasapadu which we will soon be sending them.

Sunday school has finished for the summer, but we will meet again on Sunday 4th September 2011. The dates for next term are 4th September, 18th September, 2nd October, 16th October, 6th November, 20th November, 4th December and 18th December.


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