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Recent Events: March - April 2012

29th April

At parish breakfast Mark, our Choirmaster and Musical Director, talked about his long association with music and St Peter's. He not only watched the sanctuary floor being laid but was the first child to be baptised in our current building.

The latest was Isla Savage-Hutton who was baptised at the 10.00am service, so the congregation welcome her family and friends on her day to remember.


Phoenix Amateur Dramatic

21st/22nd April

Thanks to the Phoenix Amateur Dramatic group for a fascinating evening of sleuthing in their Interactive Murder Mystery “Who Killed the Vicar?" in which the audience had to work as hard as the cast in solving the who dunnit.

Some sleuthers were up bright and early for the parish breakfast; one of whom was Kirsty Jones-Jennings who joined in conversation with Julie. Kirsty shared some of the things she has been doing at St Peter's since she was confirmed.

Kirsty Jones-Jennings

19th April

The Youth Group reconvened after their Easter break. We welcomed back current members and also five new members, making a record evening of 29 present. The main activity for the evening was 'surprise' which turned out to be putting together a dance routine in costumes to some music for a video. Four groups performed at the end of the evening and did themselves great credit with what they had managed to put together in the time available. The videos will remain private for the moment...     Bevan

15th April

Jenny's grandchildren joined us for parish breakfast and delighted us with their jokes and tongue-twisters. At the 10.00am service Tye Frankum and Emma Camps were baptised, so we welcomed their families and friends on this their special day.

Holy Week and Easter

We started the liturgy of Palm Sunday by having our Palm crosses blessed outside before processing into church. As usual the Palm Sunday Gospel was read by members of the congregation. A meditation on The Stations of the Cross was held in the evening.

The ancient service of Tenebrae was held on Tuesday providing a vivid contrast to the Holy Communion services held on Monday and Wednesday. On Maunday Thursday after the Sung Eucharist of the Last Supper, the Sanctuary was stripped and a Watch was held in the Prayer Corner representing the Garden of Gethsemane.
On Good Friday morning the young people held an Arts and Crafts session during which they made their Holy Week cross, prior to a service in Church.

In the afternoon the Liturgy of the Cross was held, followed by Compline in the evening.

On Saturday in the Easter Vigil, the pascal candle was lit to an organ fanfare and ringing of bells. Our Church reflected the glory of the risen Christ in its floral decoration.

Thanks to all those who cleaned, decorated, presided, preached and sang.


29th and 30th March

St Peter's welcomed the whole of Willowcroft Primary School and Northbourne CE Primary School together with friends and parents on consecutive days. Everyone received a palm cross and heard the joyful Easter story.


18th March

As part of the offertory procession, children from Sunday School brought posies of daffodils to the alter for Revd Ernest to bless before distributing them to children (of all ages) to give to their Mothers and other Ladies of the congregation. Thanks to all those who gave of their time to make these lovely posies.

"And he shall shew you a large upper room furnished: there make ready." Luke Ch22 v12

Thank you to Mark for masterminding this and all his helpers who have sawn, sorted, hoovered and generally tidied up.

15th March

Tonight the Youth Group welcomed guests Dr Craig Bull and Dr Richard Cooper from the congregation at St. Peter's, who are both scientists. They put on a fantastic talk and demonstration including: Polystyrene cups shrunk under high pressure to progressively smaller sizes; Ice cubes that float (like normal) and sink (not very normal!); CO2 in solid form turning instantly to gas and blowing bubbles with it; Magnets spinning in the air above superconductors formed of metals cooled in liquid nitrogen; mixing acids, alkalis and indicators to change the colour of water; putting out a candle with CO2 gas created from bicarbonate of soda and vinegar; gas clouds created by pouring hot water on liquid nitrogen.

We followed this up with our cup cake event, well over a hundred cup cakes being decorated in the widest range of styles and textures imaginable. And then of course they needed to be eaten...

11th March

Amanda Bloor, Bishop John's Chaplain, presided and preached at both services. At the Parish Breakfast she shared experiences about her job along with stories about how her life before ordination in the Civil Service prepared her for her present position.

As it was John Overton's last day with us, at the end of the 10.00am service Julie thanked him for all he had contributed over the last few months and presented him with a small gift expressing our appreciation. Revd Joy prayed for God's blessing on the next part of his journey.

10th March

Eleven friends from St Peter's experienced a day retreat at the Community of St Mary the Virgin. Sister Deidre Michael led the meditations as we walked the stations of the Cross. This is an ancient tradition traced back to the early church. The fifteen stations were carved in teak by Mother Maribel over a period of twenty seven years. Click here to see them in detail with a detailed description and thoughts for your own meditation. In the afternoon we were invited to accompany Cleophas on the Road to Emmaus.

8th March - Youth Group Dr. Who night
We started this evening with a short service based on evening prayer. Graham, dressed as the 12th Doctor, spoke about Amy Pond's experiences of meeting the Doctor, travelling with him and the good and bad things that happened. He moved on to talking about his own call from Jesus, experiences of the Christian life and left us all considering our own responses to the invitation "follow me". We followed this with a competitive game finding pictures from the 12 Dr. Who series and then putting the Doctors in order and categorising the other pictures. Julie and Hugh visited in the middle to ask the Youth Group their thoughts on what they would like from the new priest-in-charge at St. Peter's.


4th March

A coachload of parishioners left Didcot in the snow to face the long drive to Chelmsford Cathedral to be present for the Installation of Revd Edward Carter as he was collated and installed by the Bishop of Chelmsford, the Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell as the new Canon Theologian at the cathedral. During his sermon the Bishop defined Father Edward's new job:-

  • To encourage the teaching and educational role of the Cathedral
  • To develop all-age education within the Cathedral congregation
  • To contribute to the educational opportunities and programmes within the Diocese and its universities

Read the Sermon(link)

1st March

This week's youth group activity was a disco. E-K took on the role of DJ as members and friends decsended on the church hall, with loud music and coloured lights giving a different atmosphere from normal. The dress code was debated at length in the facebook group and diverged into three groups: 'normal' 'red carpet' and shorts. A full hall with 34 leaders, members and friends present, Kirsty and Graham led the dancing. The evening was conducted in good spirit and everyone had a good time.



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