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St Peter's Church - A Brief History

A rapid expansion of Didcot, in both building and population, began in the mid-1840s following the arrival of the railway. The new settlement of New Town began in the mid-1860s; this later became North Hagbourne and eventually Northbourne. Its people worshipped at East Hagbourne (St Andrew’s) with the children going to school at East Hagbourne.

With the increase in children, a school was built in 1877 in North Hagbourne. Later, in 1962, a new school was built in Cockcroft Road. Building of a new church began in 1889 and it was dedicated for worship in 1890 and given the name of St Peter’s. The church was consecrated for marriages and funerals in 1915 ready for the formation of a separate parish of St Peter’s Northbourne.

With further expansion to the west, a three hundred year old Tythe Barn was purchased in the late 1930s by the Church Authorities to serve the needs of the people living in the new houses built off Park Road. This was known as the daughter church of St Frideswides or known locally as ‘The Barn’. Sadly in 1974 ‘The Barn’ was burnt to the ground by an arsonist.

By this time St Peter’s Northbourne was in a bad condition and a decision was made to build a new church nearer to the middle of the parish. Work commenced in 1976. St Peter’s Northbourne was deconsecrated and St Peter’s Didcot consecrated in 1977.

For further information download the Parish Booklet or look at some of the historical documents on the right.

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