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Prayer Index

September 2016

Prayer intentions:
25th: Trinity XVIII Psalm 132;
Isaiah 48:12-end;
Luke 11:37-end.
Fleet Way,
Kibble Close.
Our server, Alan, and sidespeople
26th Psalm 80;
2 Kings 5;
Acts 26:1-23.
St John’s Close,
Ruskin Close.
The Church Army
27th: Vincent de Paul Psalm 89:1-18;
2 Kings 6:1-23;
Acts 26:24-end.

Shannon Road,
Severn Road.
St John’s Guild.
28th Ps 119:105-128; 2 Kings 9:1-16;
Acts 27:1-26.
Kennet Place,
Thames Court.
Those to be ordained at Michaelmas-tide.
29th: Michael and All Angels (Michaelmas) Psalms 34, 150; Daniel 12: 1-4;  & Revelation 5 The Archangel Michael is referred to in the New Testament letter of Jude as fighting and defeating the devil, and is commemorated together with All Angels as a reminder that the continuing war on earth between good and evil had its start in heaven. The feast falls at a time when the nights start growing longer, to remind Christians that we are not alone as we face both physical and spiritual struggles in the months to come.
Medway Grove, Tyne Square.
Churches dedicated to Ss Michael and All Angels, those engaged in deliverance ministry.
30th: Jerome Psalm 88;
2 Kings 12:1-19;
Acts 28:1-16.
Translated the Bible into Latin (from Greek) in the 4th Century Western Avenue.
TRAIN and all youth work in Didcot
1st Remigius (St Remy) Psalm 97;
2 Kings 17:1-23;
Acts 28:17-end.
5th Century Bishop of Reims and Apostle to the Franks. Baptised Clovis I, King of the (newly united) Franks on 24th December 496, leading to the conversion of the Frankish nation.
Edwin Road; Elder Close.
Didcot Food Bank


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