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Prayer Index

October 2016

Prayer intentions:
23rd Last after Trinity Psalm 65;
Isaiah 59:9-20;
Luke 14:1-14.
Portway; Wheatfields.
All those who care for the Church linens and furnishings.
24th Psalm 30;
Judith 10;
2 Timothy 4:1-8.
Cromwell Drive;
St Ann’s Court.
Our families and our Church family.
25th Crispin, Crispinian Psalm 36;
Judith 11;
2 Timothy 4:9-end.
Twin brothers preached the Gospel in Gaul (they are the French patron saints of cobblers). Martyred by beheading in 286.
St Hilda’s Close;
St Hugh’s Rise.
Our team of sidespeople and the welcome and assistance they give.
26th Alfred Psalm 34;
Judith 12;
Titus 1.
Campion Hall Drive;
Pebble Drive.
Our schools, Willowcroft and Northbourne and St Birinus.
27th Psalm 37;
Judith 13;
Titus 2.
Mansfield Gardens.
Our visiting and retired clergy.
28th Simon and Jude Ps 116, 117;
Isaiah 45:18-end;
Simon the Zealot and Jude were martyred in Syria around 65AD. Jude is the patron saint of the Armenian Church. It is believed that the Wedding at Cana was Simon’s wedding.
Linacre Close; Balliol Drive.
Didcot Citizens’ Advice Bureau.
29th James Hannington Psalm 42;
Judith 15:14-end of 16;
An Anglican missionary whose murder was ordered by King Mwanga of Uganda—one of many Christians martyred in mid-19th Century Uganda.
Sycamore Way;
Willow End.  Missioners and evangelists


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